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"Morning Star is a compelling story about a tragic, misunderstood, and largely forgotten moment in American history.  It is obvious that the Cheyenne people trust Richard Desirey and appreciate his effort to bring justice and compassion to their beloved leader and to help keep his memory alive. He is to be commended for this obvious labor of love. Even today it is difficult to read about all the atrocities the Cheyenne people suffered as a result of our nation’s so-called Manifest Destiny or, more appropriately, Manifest Greed.  Although supposedly a “fictional” account as told through a non-Indian observer and story teller, it was an inspired way to bring this seminal story to life. Those who are aware of what actually occurred during the horrendous events described here will know that Morning Star is history, a history that the Cheyenne people have kept their treasured secret for more than a century."

Herman J. Viola, Curator Emeritus, National Museum of the American Indian

A Man Known by Four Names

About Morning Star

A story that took 30 years to tell.

My journey toward the uncovering of this story began in the late 1970's. I did not come to know enough to speak of the elements of the story, though, for decades. The public narrative of these events made no room for the possibility of another worldview.  Maybe now we have come to a time when our worldview can be stretched and our narrative of what we are as a country can be altered. Maybe now we can recognize Morning Star's place in the history of our Nation. This account is shared so that his call to us is heard again. "Let us make a new way."

The story behind the story

The Storyteller

Richard DeSirey

About Richard

Let Us Make a New Way

"This book is written to honor the place in history of the Northern Cheyenne chief, known to the Cheyenne as Wohehiv, or Morning Star, and to others as Dull Knife. In telling of his life, it is also intended to refresh his call, 'Let Us Make a New Way,' that is may resonate on many, many levels to those the story reaches."

Richard DeSirey, Author

"Morning Star: Let Us Make A New Way, Richard DeSirey’s masterful debut work of historical fiction, introduces us to a new American hero. Professor Howard Zinn spoke of the importance of fashioning a people’s history of the United States. This book, which centers on Morning Star, a Cheyenne Chief known for his wisdom, diplomacy, and, above all, embrace of Native tradition and culture, aligns with that vision.

Morning Star is historical fiction, not fantasy. It is the product of painstaking research and interviews, vetted by the descendants of Morning Star for fidelity to the truth of his life and legacy. The author’s empathy and passion shine through in this gripping, profound tale of a Cheyenne Chief with a King-like penchant for fierce nonviolence in the face of yawning injustice."

Hannibal B. Johnson, Esq. Author, Attorney & Consultant